Former boxing champion Heather Hardy has withdrawn from her scheduled BKFC 61 headline fight against Christine Ferea due to severe health issues. In a sobering Instagram update, Hardy disclosed the lasting damage sustained from her fighting career, particularly affecting her vision.

Last Monday, Hardy described her alarming health conditions, which stem from “too much brain damage” incurred over the years. Initially slated to make her BKFC debut and vie for the women’s flyweight title this Saturday, Hardy has had to reconsider her future in combat sports, shared by Daily Mail.

The symptoms began intensifying after her title-fight loss to Amanda Serrano last August, with Hardy experiencing persistent blurred vision. Despite hoping that a few months’ rest might resolve her issues, her condition worsened significantly once she began training to face Ferea.

Describing the severity of her symptoms, Hardy revealed that a recent light sparring session left her unable to see clearly for days. She struggled with significant weight loss, sleeplessness, and weakness—symptoms so severe that she kept them hidden from those closest to her, including her boyfriend and coaches.

After consulting a doctor, Hardy learned the grim reality of her condition: numerous concussions over the years have led to irreversible brain damage. Her doctor warned against any activities that could exacerbate her condition, such as running, jumping, or further head impacts.

Though she did not formally announce her retirement, Hardy ominously hinted at the end of her combat sports journey, saying, “ya know what that means.” Starting her professional boxing career in 2012, Hardy boasted an unbeaten streak through her first 23 fights, capturing WBC and WBO featherweight titles. She later transitioned to mixed martial arts, competing in Bellator from 2017 to 2019 with a record of 2-2.



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