Donald Trump is set to face a crucial moment as he takes the witness stand in a New York civil fraud trial, addressing questions about his alleged involvement in the Trump Organization’s dubious financial practices spanning a decade.

As the organization’s founder and long-standing chief, Trump will be scrutinized over allegations that under his leadership, from 2011 to 2021, the company engaged in a pattern of manipulating asset valuations. These alleged misrepresentations were purportedly aimed at securing more favorable terms in business, insurance, and banking transactions, with Trump’s eldest sons, Donald Jr. and Eric, also implicated in the legal proceedings.

The forthcoming testimony marks the first instance of Trump being publicly interrogated under oath regarding the accusations levied by Attorney General Letitia James. During the six-week trial, Trump was present but was previously summoned by Judge Arthur Engoron for making public remarks that breached a gag order.

According to a report by AP News, to curb further contentious outbursts after last week’s fiery courtroom exchanges, Engoron imposed a second gag order on Trump’s attorneys, particularly concerning their commentary on internal conversations.

This legal blockade was enforced after the court received an onslaught of hostile communications, leading Engoron to prioritize the safety of his staff over the defense’s freedom to speak about the trial team.

Eric and Donald Jr.’s testimonies last week brought their involvement in the organization’s financial declarations under the spotlight. Both executives during their father’s presidency, played pivotal roles within the company. However, despite initial denials of responsibility, court exhibits, including email exchanges, indicated that both were consulted and provided input on the financial statements.

Their testimonies echoed a similar refrain: a reliance on other figures, such as co-defendant Jeffrey McConney and former CFO Allen Weisselberg, to authenticate the financial conditions’ representations, both of whom have also provided their testimonies.

With the Trump family at the helm, the trial’s outcome may pivot on the patriarch’s forthcoming in-court statements and the extent to which the Trump brothers’ testimonies align with the evidence presented.



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