A family outing to a drive-thru safari in Texas quickly escalated into a frightening encounter when a giraffe unexpectedly grabbed a child. The incident occurred at the Fossil Rim Wildlife Center in Glen Rose on Saturday, June 1st, and the dramatic moment was captured on video, which has since gone viral, told The Sun.

The video shows the family in their vehicle, engaging with the animals as part of the safari experience. They were attempting to feed a giraffe when it suddenly reached into the vehicle, gripping the child’s shirt. The tense moment was short-lived, however, as the giraffe promptly let go, leaving the toddler unharmed but undoubtedly shaken.

In the aftermath of the incident, NBC Dallas-Fort Worth sought a response from the Fossil Rim Wildlife Center. As of now, the center has not stated the specific event.

Following this incident, the wildlife center took immediate action regarding safety protocols. A new policy was announced on their website on Wednesday: starting from Thursday, guests will no longer be permitted to ride in the bed of pickup trucks while touring the safari. This change aims to enhance safety for both visitors and the animals at the park.

The incident and the viral video have sparked a broader discussion about safety measures at animal parks and the appropriate ways to interact with wildlife.



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