The FBI, in collaboration with local law enforcement, is investigating a series of violent threats directed at Colorado Supreme Court justices. This follows their decision to disqualify former President Donald Trump from the 2024 primary ballot due to a violation of the 14th Amendment. FBI Public Affairs Officer Vikki Migoya confirmed their commitment to rigorously investigating any threats or violence fueled by extremist views, as reported by CNN.

Recently, the Colorado Supreme Court found that Trump breached Section 3 of the 14th Amendment, which bars individuals involved in insurrections from holding public office, as noted by The Messenger. After this ruling, the names of four Democratic justices who concurred in the decision have been linked to several inflammatory online posts, as identified by a nonpartisan research organization and reported to CNN.

The threat analysis, according to CNN, indicates a potential risk of violence or illegal activities by lone actors or small groups in reaction to the court’s decision, though no specific threats have been directed at the justices. One particularly aggressive post, as per CNN’s report, explicitly calls for violence against the justices.

CNN law enforcement analyst John Miller highlighted the exacerbating effect of Trump’s harsh criticism of judges and prosecutors, likening it to adding fuel to the fire in online forums. Miller stressed the challenge for authorities in distinguishing serious threats from mere rhetoric. He referenced the recent attack on Nancy Pelosi’s husband in San Francisco, underscoring the unpredictability and danger of such threats.



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