According to a report by Newsweek published on Wednesday, March 6, 2024, former President Donald Trump’s attorney, Alina Habba, has acknowledged that the appeals process in Trump’s New York civil fraud case will be a lengthy endeavor.

In a recent appearance on Fox News, Habba stated that the former president “lost before the trial started” and would now have to diligently work to overturn the judgment through the appeal process.

The case against Trump stems from allegations of business fraud committed in New York.

In a significant blow to the former president, he was ordered to pay an astounding amount of over $454 million, including interest. Trump’s legal team promptly filed an appeal against the judgment.

Habba, fully aware of the uphill battle ahead, conceded that the appeals process would be “a long game.”

She emphasized the need to “chip away at” the judgment to have it overturned.

The lawyer’s statement implies that the legal team intends to steadily dismantle the evidence presented in the trial while presenting new arguments in their favor.

The result of this New York case further compounds the legal troubles faced by Trump after leaving the presidency.

Habba’s acknowledgment of the impending battle suggests that the former president acknowledges the substantial challenge that lies ahead if he wishes to reverse the judgment.

While the exact details of Trump’s legal strategies remain to be seen, it is evident that the legal team will pursue every available avenue to contest the judgment.

Given the sheer magnitude of the amount Trump has been ordered to pay, the appeals process will likely be protracted and complex.

The outcome of this case will undoubtedly have significant political and financial implications for Trump.

Given the extensive litigation experience of Habba and her team, it is apparent that they are prepared for the arduous journey ahead.

The appeals process will be a crucial test of their legal acumen and strategy.

It will require meticulous attention to detail, innovative arguments, and persuasive advocacy to convince the appellate court to overturn the judgment.

As the legal battle escalates, public interest surrounding the case is unlikely to wane.

Donald Trump’s career and reputation hang in the balance, making this appeal one of the most closely watched legal proceedings in recent years.



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