A man in San Bernardino, California, is now in custody after surveillance footage reportedly captured him placing and detonating an explosive-laden teddy bear in a business parking lot. The alarming incident, which took place on Wednesday afternoon, was promptly addressed by the San Bernardino Police Department.

The released footage shows the man setting the teddy bear beside a white van before hastily retreating to his vehicle. The subsequent explosion from the stuffed toy emitted a substantial cloud of smoke, causing alarm to a nearby woman entering her car.

As reported by Fox News, While the motive behind this act remains undisclosed, and it’s unclear if there were any injuries, the subsequent police investigation yielded significant discoveries. Officials have reported the confiscation of a ghost gun, over 200 rounds of ammunition, more than a kilogram of methamphetamine, illicit fireworks, a bulletproof vest, cash, and materials suggestive of bomb-making.

Although the suspect’s identity remains undisclosed, he has been detained on multiple felony charges.



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