In a stunning turn of events, veteran Draymond Green of the Golden State Warriors found himself ejected less than four minutes into the game during a face-off against the Orlando Magic. The Warriors ultimately clinched a 101-93 win on Wednesday night, but Green’s early departure marked his second controversial exit in less than 24 hours, further punctuating his tumultuous season.

The trouble brewed early on as Green clashed with NBA referee Ray Acosta following an early personal foul call against him. Matters escalated when teammate Stephen Curry was later penalized for a shooting foul, prompting Green to engage in a heated exchange with Acosta. Despite warnings, Green persisted in his verbal tirade, resulting in not one, but two technical fouls and his subsequent ejection with a staggering eight minutes still left in the first quarter.

Head coach Steve Kerr attempted to intercede with officials, but Green’s exit left an emotional impact on the team. Curry, visibly affected, expressed his disappointment, kneeling in disbelief before the bench.

Despite the setback, the Warriors rallied behind Andrew Wiggins, who led the scoring with 23 points and six rebounds, while Curry contributed 17 points and 10 assists.

Green’s premature departure marked the fourth ejection of the season, underlining the disruptive influence his conduct has had on the team. His frequent ejections make him the first player since Kevin Durant in 2017-’18 to be tossed from a game at least four times in a single season.

This latest incident follows closely on the heels of another contentious moment in Tuesday’s victory over the Miami Heat, where Green’s aggressive foul went unpunished, adding fuel to the ongoing debate surrounding his on-court behavior.



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