In a dramatic conclusion to Wednesday night’s overtime battle, Northwestern’s head coach Chris Collins was ejected for vehemently disputing with the officials as the game against No. 2 ranked Purdue came to a close. The intense confrontation occurred after Northwestern’s final attempt to score was unsuccessful, leading to a 105-96 defeat in West Lafayette.

The root of Collins’ frustration appeared to stem from the significant disparity in free throw opportunities between the two teams. Throughout the game, Purdue was awarded 46 free throws, overshadowing Northwestern’s mere eight attempts from the line. This discrepancy was especially pronounced in the overtime period, where Purdue shot 13 free throws compared to Northwestern’s three.

Despite the heated moment and his subsequent ejection, Collins took the time to extend sportsmanlike congratulations to Purdue’s coach Matt Painter, their standout player Zach Edey, and other members of the team before exiting the court.

Purdue’s victory was highlighted by Zach Edey’s impressive performance, scoring 30 points, 10 of which were crucial in the overtime period, along with securing 15 rebounds. This win marks Purdue’s sixth consecutive victory and serves as redemption for their previous loss to Northwestern earlier in the season.

Looking ahead, Purdue is set to face No. 6 Wisconsin, while Northwestern prepares for its upcoming game against Minnesota on Saturday afternoon.



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