Caleb Williams, aspiring to leave a lasting legacy in the world of sports, has expressed his admiration for Chicago’s iconic athletes, Michael Jordan and Walter Payton. In a recent discussion with Pete Thamel, Williams shared his aspiration to join the ranks of these legends, emphasizing that his motivation transcends monetary gain and fame. At 22, Williams acknowledges that he never witnessed the prime years of Jordan and Payton but is inspired by their enduring legacies.

Williams, who could potentially be a top pick for the Chicago Bears, clarified that he is not looking to leave the team preemptively. He praised the Bears’ roster, highlighting the talent on both offense and defense and expressed excitement about the prospect of joining a team with such potential. Contrary to the usual trajectory of No. 1 draft picks ending up in struggling teams, Williams sees the Bears as a team poised for success, thanks to their solid lineup and promising future.

The anticipation surrounding Williams has been building since his standout Heisman season at USC in 2022, positioning him as a likely top choice in the draft. While it remains uncertain if Williams will start his NFL career in Chicago, winning a Super Bowl with the Bears would undoubtedly cement his status as a legend in the city.



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