Britney Spears has disappeared from Instagram again after the pop singer declined to join her husband Sam Asghari’s live video in which he was interacting with fans.

Sam decided to press the live button earlier this week, but fans were left feeling let down when they heard her exclaim: “I don’t wanna jump in, I have nothing to say,” adding: “‘I don’t wanna talk to them right now.”

The pop icon’s account is nowhere to be seen when searched for on the social networking site.

She recently uploaded a diatribe on her profile outlining her feelings toward her father’s treatment of her during his conservatorship, but her account has now gone missing.

The absence came after Page Six ran an interview with the singer’s ex-assistant Felicia Culotta who shared her worries for the Oops!… I Did It Again singer.

Working for the Toxic star in her early career, Felicia revealed to the outlet she had not heard from Britney “in quite a while,” and that she did not know if she had received her comments.

She worked for the star until 2007 before Britney famously had her breakdown.

Felicia also appeared in the New York Times documentary Framing Britney Spears. in which she spoke fondly of her former employer.

However, Britney fired up her Instagram earlier this month to take aim at recent tell-all films about her and at Felicia in particular.

The hitmaker spoke of how her assistant claimed she walked along the street handing out one hundred dollar bills, saying: “I wish I could go inside the heads of people like my dad and her and really try to understand why people lie and make up such things like that!!!

“I mean it doesn’t get lower than that… why did you say that???”



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