A bride does not want her mother to invite more than 100 guests to her wedding. She talked about it on Reddit‘s “Am I the A******? (AITA)” forum. She and her fiance intend to keep the wedding to a maximum of 150 guests.

They are now at 135. The bride requested a list of loved ones to invite from her mother. “My mom comes back with an additional 61 family members to invite and 80 (!!) of her friends,” the bride explained.

She told her mother to limit the number of guests to 20. This just provoked a “huge fit” between her mother and father. They advised the bride that she might as well marry in Las Vegas.

“Then they tried to guilt trip me saying I would hurt these family member’s feelings and can never repair the relationship,” she wrote. But she only ever spoke to her extended family about three times in her life.

“AITA for putting my foot down and not letting my mom invite an extra 120 people to my wedding?” the bride asked. People felt her parents were way out of line.

“She’s viewing this as a party for HERSELF and not a wedding for YOU,” a person commented. “There’s just no rationale here,” a user replied.

“I am personally confused as to why a parent would want to invite people who didn’t have a relationship with their child,” someone wrote.



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