The 23-year-old left the villa last week

Billy Brown, a Love Island participant, has admitted that he had a “vibe” with Gemma Owen before he left the resort last week.

The director of a roofing company unexpectedly arrived at Casa Amor and was drawn to Gemma since they have friends outside the house.

The 23-year-old stated in a conversation with Laura Whitmore on Sunday’s episode of After sun that he “100%” felt a “vibe” with the dressage rider, as per Hello Magazine.

When asked by the presenter if he thought he may have had a chance with Gemma if her partner, Luca Bish, wasn’t there, Billy replied: “It’s not about whether he’s there or not!

If someone gives me the vibe I’ll bounce back. She was giving me a vibe 100%.”

Billy’s admission comes just one week after Movie Night when Luca and his girl fought over a video of Billy talking to Gemma.

The fishmonger accused the pair of flirtatious behavior and told Billy: “I don’t care, you can crack on, it’s Love Island but it was flirting and I was made out to be an [expletive] idiot for it!”

Later on in the episode, Luca called Billy over to the firepit and asked him: “Did you feel like she was flirting with you?” to which Billy responded: “Yeah, it was just flirty banter.”

Since their reunion, Luca and Gemma have avoided the Sunday night dumping, which saw three of the new bombshells leave the island.

The most popular couple, Deji Adeniyi, garnered the fewest votes, followed by newcomers Reece Ford, Lacey Edwards, and Nathalia Campos.

Viewers were sad to see Deji go, with many taking to Twitter to express their disappointment. One person wrote: “Ugh, so annoyed to see Deji go,” while another added: “Deji didn’t deserve this.”

A third person commented: “Lol Deji and the new girl barely got any screen time, they didn’t stand a chance.”



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