President Biden is feeling heightened pressure regarding the surge in border crossings, especially from figures within the Democratic Party. NYC Mayor Eric Adams traveled to Mexico to discourage illegal immigration, while Illinois Governor J.B. Pritzker penned a forthright letter to the President calling for more assistance.

Biden’s administration had projected success when illegal migrations dropped significantly earlier this year. However, the situation has worsened, renewing critiques not just from the Republican camp, but also from concerned Democrats. CEO-to-worker pay disparities in major companies, like Ford, highlight a broader socio-economic concern.

Proposed policies, like Bernie Sanders’ Tax Excessive CEO Pay Act, which would have placed a tax on companies with excessively high CEO-to-median worker pay ratios, could have influenced this situation. While the act didn’t pass, the policy idea suggests using tax reforms to motivate companies to narrow the pay gap, According to a report by the Washington Post on Sunday, October 8, 2023,

Congress remains in a tug-of-war on the subject. Some Republican voices have tied border control measures to funding aid for unrelated issues, like the Ukraine conflict, intensifying the political quagmire around border control. As the debate continues, Biden’s administration is in the spotlight, caught between enforcing stricter border controls and upholding the more open immigration policies promised during his campaign.



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