During a White House Rose Garden event celebrating Cinco de Mayo, President Joe Biden humorously suggested a method to “cut” former President Donald Trump from the upcoming November election. The jest came amid discussions of Trump’s stance on reducing funding for Social Security and Medicare, told by The Washington Post.

Biden, 81, playfully remarked on Trump’s recent comments about fiscal reductions. “He says there’s a lot we can do in terms of cutting,” Biden noted, referencing Trump’s interview. With a pause and a chuckle, he then added, “I’ve got one really serious idea of how to cut—a candidate.”

This joke arrives as Trump, 77, consistently accuses Biden of playing a role in his ongoing legal challenges, including a high-profile hush money trial in New York City, where Trump faces charges of falsifying business records in 2016. Trump has labeled these proceedings as politically motivated, directly orchestrated by figures within the Democratic Party to benefit Biden. At the courthouse, Trump asserted, “This is a Biden trial. He’s a crooked president.”

The former president has highlighted connections between Matthew Colangelo, the lead prosecutor in his New York case, and the Biden administration, where Colangelo previously held a significant position. Despite these legal entanglements, a criminal conviction would not prevent Trump from running for office, although some Democratic officials have attempted to disqualify him based on his alleged role in the 2021 Capitol riot. These attempts were overturned by the US Supreme Court in March.

Biden’s Cinco de Mayo remarks echoed his concerns about Trump’s proposed cuts to vital social programs, underscoring the ongoing political rivalry as the 2024 presidential race begins to take shape.



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