As America prepared to celebrate the Fourth of July, the Biden campaign found itself embroiled in controversy, stepping on multiple rakes and becoming the subject of widespread mockery. On Wednesday afternoon, the official “Biden-Harris HQ” account targeted Donald Trump over “Project 2025,” a transition proposal created by the Heritage Foundation and other conservative groups. This proposal aims to reclassify thousands of partisan federal employees, allowing the incoming executive to replace them.

Many view this reclassification as a positive step, given the existing waste and corruption within the government. However, the Biden campaign disagrees, issuing a post paraphrasing a CNN segment on “Project 2025.” The campaign’s misunderstanding of the executive branch’s authority over the administrative state was evident, leading to criticism.

“Project 2025” merely represents the president exercising executive powers, yet the Biden campaign portrays it as authoritarian. The U.S. Constitution does not recognize an untouchable “administrative state” as an independent branch of government. To suggest otherwise is misleading. Despite this, the Biden campaign appears to embrace the concept of an administrative state, believing they have the right to control the country even when out of power.

The campaign’s stance implies that election results are irrelevant compared to the authority of career “experts” in various agencies. This viewpoint suggests it is authoritarian to reform the administrative state using executive power, while it is not authoritarian for the administrative state to wield unaccountable power over Americans. Such a stance has sparked significant criticism.

Additionally, the Biden campaign accused Trump of planning to use “agencies like the Department of Justice after his political opponents,” a claim that mirrors actions attributed to the current administration. This accusation highlights a double standard, as Democrats are perceived to believe they have a birthright to power and may resort to extreme measures to maintain it.

The backlash did not end there. On the Fourth of July, instead of posting a patriotic message, the Biden campaign doubled down, invoking “The Handmaid’s Tale.” This reference, frequently used by Democrats, was seen as a sign of desperation. Critics argue that the Biden campaign’s repetitive attacks and reliance on this narrative have lost their impact.

The president’s perceived senility and the campaign’s recycling of old attacks have further eroded public trust. The general sentiment is that people no longer trust the so-called “experts” or feel protective of the administrative state. This approach is seen as ineffective as repeatedly invoking “January 6th.”

In summary, the Biden campaign’s handling of “Project 2025” and subsequent actions have drawn significant criticism and mockery. Their portrayal of the administrative state, accusations against Trump, and reliance on overused narratives reflect a campaign struggling to find effective strategies. As the election approaches, the Biden campaign’s approach continues to face scrutiny and skepticism.



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