While most people fear burglaries or fires happening to their homes during a vacation, Susan Hodgson faced a unique and distressing ordeal. Upon her return from a trip, she was stunned to discover her family’s long-standing Atlanta property reduced to rubble. An error by a demolition crew was to blame for the heartrending mishap, the Associated Press highlighted.

Distraught by the turn of events, Hodgson stated, “This feels like a cruel prank. I oscillate between fury and disbelief. How could this even happen?”

During Hodgson’s absence, a puzzled neighbor had reached out to her after spotting the demolition crew at work on her property. Although the house had been vacant for 15 years, Hodgson mentioned, “We’ve always maintained it – from keeping the exterior tidy to ensuring taxes were up-to-date.”

As Reported by the New York Post, When the neighbors confronted the workers, their initial reaction was far from understanding. Hodgson recounted, “The worker rudely told her to mind her own affairs.” But when a family relative of Hodgson’s intervened, the worker soon realized the gravity of his mistake. “After checking the permit, he merely packed up, admitting his fault, and left the half-demolished house as it was,” Hodgson shared with FOX5.

Currently, Hodgson has taken legal action and reported the matter to the police. Despite the magnitude of the error, she claims that the demolition company, “You Call It, We Haul It”, hasn’t reached out to her. While the company has asserted they’re looking into the matter, Hodgson lamented, “I can’t believe their audacity. An apology, at the very least, was warranted. They’ve left me in a terrible predicament.”



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