In Alabama, an officer faced disciplinary measures following the arrest of Twyla Stallworth, 40, who was taken into custody at her residence after declining to provide identification. The incident, which has drawn criticism from city officials, has prompted a mandate for the Andalusia Police Department to undergo further training in legal and constitutional education.

The situation unfolded when Stallworth, seeking to address a noise complaint against a neighbor, was approached by Officer John G. Barton. Captured on video by Stallworth’s son, the encounter escalated when Barton demanded identification, leading to Stallworth’s arrest on charges including resisting arrest and obstruction, despite Alabama law not explicitly requiring the presentation of physical ID under such circumstances.

Mayor Earl Johnson has announced the dropping of all charges against Stallworth, acknowledging the officer’s error in judgment despite his previously unblemished record. Although the specifics of Barton’s disciplinary action remain undisclosed, Police Chief Paul Hudson confirmed a reprimand without suspension.

The arrest has sparked discussions on law enforcement practices and racial implications, with Stallworth suggesting a racial bias might have influenced the incident. However, city officials, having reviewed bodycam footage, have found no evidence of discriminatory treatment.

Stallworth, a real estate agent and Andalusia native, reported spending 15 hours in jail over the ordeal. Her attorney, Harry Daniels, criticized the arrest as unlawful and is exploring potential legal actions against the city and its police force.



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